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Advocacy essentials

1 CPD Unit Videocast
Knowledge area:
  • Professional skills

Advocacy is the art of persuasion and is practised by us all every day (sometimes without our even noticing). There are many references available to assist in becoming a good advocate and advocates can be trained; but "the fool's way" - doing it, failing and succeeding - is the last and best way to learn.

  • A forensic (court) advocate of any description must know the factual and legal bases of the case being advanced and the opposing case
  • He or she must know the result that is sought, how to achieve it - and then convey that to the court
  • An advocate must have a purpose, must prepare and must perform
  • Flexibility is helpful, in order to address the opposing case as it develops
  • A look at the examination of witnesses, cross-examination and oral submissions
  • How to give attention to the audience, the structure of one's contribution, content, delivery and ethics/etiquette
Recorded on 27 March 2015
Nicholas Richard Cowdery AM QC

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