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ARCHIVE Contract law essentials - mandatory rule 6.1 - live webinar

1 March 2022
 4 CPD Units Online
9:00 AM 1:15 PM

Hear from legal experts in this live online course as they discuss some of the current issues faced by legal practitioners, while earning four CPD units. 

Topics include: 

  • People management - This session will cover some of the foundational considerations of the people component of practice management.  Within professional services, people are at the core of our service, so it is critical to ensure they are engaged and able to competently and professionally deliver these services. As leaders, our day-to-day interactions with our people have a significant impact on this success. Topics covered will include recruitment and interviewing, review and feedback discussion, development and difficult conversations along with managing a diverse workplace with flexible work arrangements. 
  • Admissibility of background evidence/surrounding circumstances in contractual disputes - This session will balance legal and equitable principle with practical examples. It will include a brief consideration of the cycles where the NSW Court of Appeal has considered whether there is an “ambiguity gateway” to the admissibility of background circumstances, and will also explore types of mutually known background facts that are admissible. 
  • Drafting first-rate clauses in contracts - This session will provide you with the opportunity to refine your ability to take instructions in a proactive way that ensures complete instructions are received and makes drafting best-practice contract clauses easier and more efficient. 
  • Legal ethics – This session will walk you through ethical considerations relating to your duties and obligations in the following areas: the regulatory environment; dealing with the client; dealing with the Court; dealing with solicitors; and dealing with other parties. 

Practitioners should inform themselves of 
Rule 6.1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Continuing Professional Development (Solicitors) Rules 2015 which sets out the requirements for the four (4) mandatory CPD areas for NSW legal practitioners – (a) ethics and professional responsibility; (b) practice management and business skills; (c) professional skills; and (d) substantive law.  It is the responsibility of each legal practitioner to self-assess as to whether a particular educational activity extends their knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to their practice needs or professional development. If so, then the practitioner may claim one (1) "unit” for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included. 

If you self-assess that this particular educational activity extends your knowledge and skills, this program may allow you to claim four (4) of the mandatory areas:  (a) ethics and professional responsibility; (b) practice management and business skills; (c) professional skills; and (d) substantive law.

Proudly sponsored by

Elicha Reitsma, Head of People & Capability, Coleman Greig

Paul Monaghan, Senior Ethics Solicitor, Professional Support Unit, The Law Society of NSW 

Sydney Jacobs, Barrister & Mediator, 13 Wentworth 

Sue Tomat, Director, GumLeafGreen 

4 CPD units

Non-Member $390.00
Member $275.00

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