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ARCHIVE Key skills for planning and environment lawyers - mandatory rule 6.1 - live webinar

9 March 2022
 4 CPD Units Online
9:00 AM 1:15 PM

Hear from legal experts in this live online course as they discuss some of the current issues faced by legal practitioners, while earning four CPD units. 

Topics include: 

  • Legal project management - This session will be both practical and interactive, and will include foundational legal project management concepts to ensure the broad frameworks are understood, what good delegation looks like, effective collaboration, stakeholder engagement for complex cross-functional teams, project leadership skills, and team self-awareness.  
  • Networking to develop your career and practice - This highly practical workshop-style session will enable you to feel more comfortable and confident networking to develop your reputation and grow relationships to enhance your career and practice. We will focus on de-bunking some common myths about networking, how to take a more strategic and focused approach, and practical strategies to apply straight away. 
  • Legal ethics – This session will take you through various cases to help you tackle ethical issues in daily practice. 
  • Climate change: "Hot Law" and the "Nine Commandments of the Planning System". An overview of developments in climate litigation and the planning framework to respond and adapt to the effects and risks of a changing climate - A review of recent decisions in the area of climate law illustrates that whilst the law is certainly evolving, it is doing so at a pace outstripped by the frequency of hazard events affecting the built and natural environment. Decisions by the courts on development and activities which may contribute to, or be at risk of, climate change impacts are made in the context of the existing legislative framework which, in planning terms, is not underpinned by specific legislative provisions solely or predominately addressing climate change. Rather, at a high level the touchstone has been the principle of ecologically sustainable development. This session will cover an analysis of the “Nine Commandments” reforms to consider what, if anything, has changed in the planning framework for development decisions in respect of response and adaption to climate change. 

Practitioners should inform themselves of Rule 6.1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Continuing Professional Development (Solicitors) Rules 2015 which sets out the requirements for the four (4) mandatory CPD areas for NSW legal practitioners – (a) ethics and professional responsibility; (b) practice management and business skills; (c) professional skills; and (d) substantive law.  It is the responsibility of each legal practitioner to self-assess as to whether a particular educational activity extends their knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to their practice needs or professional development. If so, then the practitioner may claim one (1) "unit” for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included. 

If you self-assess that this particular educational activity extends your knowledge and skills, this program may allow you to claim four (4) of the mandatory areas:  (a) ethics and professional responsibility; (b) practice management and business skills; (c) professional skills; and (d) substantive law. 

Proudly sponsored by

Linda-Rose Daya, Head of Legal Project Management and Design, Gilbert + Tobin
Linden Barnes, Senior Ethics Solicitor, Professional Support Unit, The Law Society of NSW
Lisa Butler, Managing Director, The Talea Group 
Kirston Gerathy, Partner, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

4 CPD units

Non-Member $390.00
Member $275.00

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