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ARCHIVED Managing “unmanageable” high-conflict family cases

12 June 2019
3 CPD Units Face-to-face
8:45 AM 12:00 PM
Knowledge area:
  • Substantive Law
The Law Society of New South Wales, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000
High-conflict cases are the most difficult cases to manage, can drag on for years, are the most likely cases to result in lawsuits and licensure complaints, and cause high levels of stress in the legal profession. This educational seminar unveils the driving force behind the behaviours and how to take opposite actions, which are not obvious or natural, with clients exhibiting these behaviours.

Learn to calm them before shifting them into a problem-solving space wherein they make decisions about their cases with minimal outbursts and less damage to everyone in their path. Included in the training is a section on handling high-conflict opposing counsel, and on self-care. The training includes lecture, video, and enlightening practice exercises (it takes practice to fully absorb the many paradigm shifts of these high-conflict methods).

Megan Hunter, CEO and Co-founder, the High Conflict Institute

Premium price: $270

Standard price: $386

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