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NameCPDMember costNon-member costDetails
Mental health issues impacting rural law practice1.00$0.00$0.00View
Meet some of the Senior Judicial Registrars: Practical tips for proceedings in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia - videocast1.50$0.00$0.00View
Rural Issues 2021 - recorded webinar10$330.00$465.00View
Mandatory Rule 6.1 - All Law - recorded webinar3$295.00$420.00View
Important recent authorities for civil litigators2$170.00$240.00View
Law Enforcement Conduct Commission - Videocast1.5$110.00$155.00View
Small Law - Update on ethics - videocast1$90.00$130.00View
Small Law - Marketing for small law firms - videocast1$90.00$130.00View
Law Enforcement Conduct Commission & the Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act 2002 - A case study1.5$110.00$155.00View
Is your organisation ready for a cyber incident? Practical lessons on preparing and managing data breaches, vulnerabilities and confidential information1.5$110.00$155.00View
Legal costs: to sue or not to sue - videocast1$90.00$130.00View
Productivity and delegation skills - videocast1$90.00$130.00View
Practical aspects of ethics: duties, conflicts and issues - videocast1$90.00$125.00View
Mandatory Rule 6.1 - Small law and sole practitioners - videocast 3$295.00$420.00View
Mandatory rule 6.1 - government lawyers videocast4$335.00$480.00View
Cybersecurity issues for property transactions1$90.00$130.00View
Electronic contracts for property law1$90.00$130.00View
Legal ethics for property lawyers1$90.00$130.00View
Leadership Impact - videocast0.75$85.00$120.00View
Persuasive messaging - videocast0.75$85.00$120.00View
Implications of the new signing and witnessing provisions – recorded webinar1.5$110.00$155.00View
Commercial Litigation - SME insolvency: critique of voluntary administration and safe harbour restructuring, phoenix activity and promised debtor-in-possession reform1$90.00$125.00View
Disability and employment - videocast1$90.00$130.00View
Assessing damages in a dust diseases claim – what you need to know - recorded webinar1$90.00$130.00View
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