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NameCPDMember costNon-member costDetails
Conveyancing update - videocast1$90.00$125.00View
How to prepare and run appeals1$99.00$141.00View
Rural property law update1$90.00$125.00View
Ethics for rural lawyers1$90.00$125.00View
Mental health issues impacting rural law practice1.00$0.00$0.00View
Cyber security and other risk management issues for rural practitioners1$90.00$125.00View
Sharing the wealth with on-farm and off-farm kids1$80.00$115.00View
Update on the new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia1$90.00$125.00View
Rural litigation year in review1$90.00$125.00View
Critical issues in employment law for rural practitioners1$90.00$125.00View
Actions to grow your rural practice1$90.00$125.00View
Expanding the NSW Drug Court into Dubbo1$90.00$125.00View
Meet some of the Senior Judicial Registrars: Practical tips for proceedings in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia - videocast1.50$0.00$0.00View
Employment Law - vaccinations and employers1.00$0.00$0.00View
Compliance management1$99.00$130.00View
Writing to make an impact1$99.00$130.00View
Rural Issues 2021 - videocast10$330.00$465.00View
Ethics: Discussion of cases1$90.00$130.00View
Mandatory Rule 6.1 - All Law3$240.00$340.00View
The UCPR rules and how to use them to your client’s advantage1$99.00$141.00View
Important recent authorities for civil litigators2$165.00$235.00View
Mandatory rule 6.1 - criminal lawyers 4$335.00$480.00View
Videocast - Contract for Sale & Purchase of Land 20191.5$95.00$135.00View
Criminal law changes: Indictable procedures1$90.00$125.00View
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