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Available fromNameCPDMember costNon Member costDetails
25/02/2020Important recent authorities for civil litigators2.00View
25/02/2020Mandatory rule 6.1 - criminal lawyers 4.00View
09/12/2019Videocast - Contract for Sale & Purchase of Land 20191.50View
14/03/2018Criminal law changes: Indictable procedures1.00View
15/02/2018Pitching my practice1.00View
15/02/2018Ethics for small practice1.00View
15/02/2018An introduction to cyber security for small practice1.00View
Costs under uniform legal profession regime1.00View
Managing difficult conversations1.00View
The mindful leader with Michael Bunting1.00View
Overview of the new CTP scheme1.00View
Engaging content1.00View
Property law update in a nutshell1.00View
Criminal law changes: Major sentencing reforms1.00View
Data breach notifications and governance1.00View
Notional estates1.50View
Revocation of wills1.00View
Intestate entitlements and tackling difficult matters1.50View
Inheritance-Aspects of superannuation1.00View
How to advise your client on the benefits of eConveyancing & other crucial updates1.00View
Risk management planning for property lawyers1.00View
Buying and selling ethics - No, ethics is not for sale1.00View
Update on ethics - Current issues in ethics for solicitors1.00View
Cost conundrums - Common questions asked by practitioners1.00View
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