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Available fromNameCPDMember costNon-member costDetails
17/10/2021Family law fundamentals - live online workshop7$650.00$845.00View
17/10/2021Family law fundamentals day 1 - live online workshop3.5$350.00$455.00View
17/10/2021Family law fundamental day 2 - live online workshop3.5$350.00$455.00View
06/06/2021Employment Law - vaccinations and employers1$0.00$0.00View
Implications of the new signing and witnessing provisions – recorded webinar1.5$85.00$120.00View
Insolvency law in a COVID-19 world1$70.00$100.00View
Developments in aged care and elder law1$70.00$100.00View
Compliance risks in the times of COVID-191$70.00$100.00View
Government solicitors - Executive federalism 0.5$60.00$95.00View
Government Solicitors - Law-Making During COVID-19: The Impact on the Medicare System1.5$105.00$150.00View
Rural Issues - Case study: how family law courts have adapted to COVID-190.75$90.00$125.00View
Criminal Law - Developments in advocacy and the administration of justice1$90.00$125.00View
Property and Business Law - Update on electronic contracting including electronic execution1$90.00$125.00View
Property and Business Law - Recent amendments to Revenue Law1$90.00$125.00View
Personal Injury - Workers compensation developments in response to COVID-191$90.00$125.00View
Commercial Litigation - Practical and procedural tips for conducting a case in the Commercial List of the NSW Supreme Court1$90.00$125.00View
Business Law- Legislative developments around insolvency law1$90.00$125.00View
Conveyancing update1$90.00$125.00View
Work, health and safety – lessons from the pandemic1$99.00$141.00View
Update on commercial and retail leasing generally, including issues in relation to Covid regulations and some recent cases.1$110.00$160.00View
Reflections on the virtual courtroom experience during a pandemic1.25$90.00$125.00View
Pandemic procurement, programs, policies, processes and parliament - perspectives and predictions1$90.00$125.00View