1. How does LawInform work?

LawInform is a robust and functionally rich Learner Management System (LMS) using software designed especially to support the profession's learning and training.

2. Do I need to register to use LawInform?

If you have never used LawInform before you will need to register for a LawID here.  Once you are logged in with LawID, click on the LawInform link and you'll be taken through to LawInform and automatically logged in.

If you have a LawInform account but not a LawID account, you will need to create a LawID account and contact us at education@lawsociety.com.au and we will map your accounts together.

3. What is the enrolment/application process? What happens after I pay?

You can search for a course by using the search bar on the homepage or locate the course under "Catalogue" menu. Once you have selected the course it will appear in the "Shopping Cart" where you can proceed to the checkout. 

If you already have an account, you will be required to log into LawInform or alternatively you will need to register an account with LawInform to proceed. Once you have logged in, you will then be directed to the revision page, then by clicking on the "Proceed" button you will be taken to the payment page. After payment you can view your purchases under the "My Learning" tab.

Note: To receive membership prices, you must log into LawInform with the email address registered with The Law Society of NSW, if you are experiencing any issues, please click here.

4. Do I have to sign in on the LawInform website in order to make a purchase?

Yes you must log in or register an account to make a purchase in LawInform. However, you can browse the catalogue without having registered.

5. What is the difference between Premium price and standard price? 

Premium price is the 30% discount on courses available to Law Society members. To become a member of The Law Society click here.

6. How can I reset my LawInform password or change my personal details?

Now that LawID is integrated you will need to update your password and details via the LawID login page. Click here to be directed to the LawID page.

7. What is my username if I am a member of The Law Society of NSW?

Your username is the email address registered with The Law Society of NSW, or your LawID number. If you are unsure of the either of these, please contact us.

8. What are my CPD requirements?

Please click here.

9. How do I enter my external courses to my CPD tracker?

The CPD tracker is an added feature only available to members of The Law Society of NSW. 

If you are a member, simply login into LawInform, select the "My CPD" menu then click on the "Add CPD" tab. Now select the "Add CPD" record button and enter the mandatory information such as:

  • Title of CPD
  • Activity
  • Date Completed
  • File (Uploading a file if applicable)
  • CPD units (Entering into the relevant area if applicable)
  • 10. What are the payment options?

    Payment can be made with valid credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard,) or bank transfer*. We do not accept cash or cheque payments.

    Note*: Bank transfers are only available to the members of The Law Society of NSW.

    11. What is included in the course fee?

    Generally, all course materials are provided unless the materials are sensitive in nature. Catering is normally provided if you attend a course on site.

    12. Who do I need to inform about my special dietary requirements?

    If you have any special dietary requests, please ensure you contact education@lawsociety.com.au 48 hours prior to your course.

    13. Does the course fee include GST?

    Yes. All prices are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST, unless otherwise indicated.

    14. How do I receive the member discount?

    If you are a member of The Law Society of NSW, make sure you login with the email address registered with The Law Society of NSW before you pay. You are welcome to add courses to your cart before you are logged in.

    15. What am I agreeing to on purchase?

    Please refer to the Purchase and Refund Policy for more information.

    16. Are my credit card details secure?

    LawInform uses Westpac Payway an online solution that enables customers to securely pay by credit and debit cards using a Westpac hosted payment page.

    17. If I am unable to attend a course, can I transfer to another course?

    Yes you can enrol to another session of equal value, or use this toward a session of higher value. You will need to contact education@lawsociety.com.au.

    18. How do I get a refund for videocast purchased?

    Videocasts or recordings are non-refundable once purchased and the material has been accessed.

    19. CPD course cancellation policy

    Please refer to the Purchase and Refund Policy for more information.

    20. What happens if I register for a face to face course and not enough people are booked onto it?

    The Law Society of NSW intends to run live programs as advertised but reserves the right to change the programs without notice and to cancel if there are insufficient registrations.

    21. What do I have to bring to the course?

    You are required to bring pen and paper to the course and any additional materials advised.

    22. Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    Not all courses have certificates. Generally, if a course is a full day or has an assessment a certificate of completion will be issued.

    23. Where do the face to face courses take place?

    Majority of face to face sessions take place at The Law Society of NSW, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney 2000.

    24. What if I am having technical issues with the LawInform website?

    If you are logged into LawInform, please contact us.

    25. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

    If you require a password reset, click here to directly navigate to the forgotten password page.

    26. How do I launch an online course or view my current activities?

    Once you have purchased any products or courses they will appear under the 'My Learning' tab under 'My Active Courses'. 

    27. I would like to organise a CPD course at my firm, who should I contact?

    Please email education@lawsociety.com.au and a member of the Professional Development team will be in touch.

    Last modified: Monday, 18 January 2021, 3:59 PM