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There are plenty of CPD providers on the market - but none understand your needs, habits, interests and pain points quite like we do.

Using the latest technology, our innovative approach to CPD delivery and management means juggling your professional requirements has never been easier. With key features such as mobile learning, an Australia-first CPD tracker, tailored communications and alerts, and a diverse range of courses at your fingertips, this one-stop shop completely re-imagines CPD.

As a member of the Law Society of NSW, LawInform allows you to:

  • Access a 30 per cent discount on all our courses (excluding the Practice Management Course),
  • Auto-track your CPD points for courses completed via LawInform and other providers,
  • Auto-track your required Specialist Accreditation CPD points, whether completed via LawInform or another provider,
  • Access the LawInform site anywhere, anytime on different devices, including mobile,
  • Search for courses within our easy-to-use, intuitive interface,
  • Receive notifications, reminders, suggested course invites and calendar invites straight to your inbox.

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Last modified: Monday, 18 May 2020, 9:25 AM