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Available fromNameCPDMember costNon Member costDetails
08/12/2021Mandatory rule 6.1 - all law - live webinar3.00View
12/11/2021Practice management course - Face-to-face10.00View
09/11/2021Mandatory Rule 6.1 - all law - Face to face3.00View
14/10/2021Mandatory rule 6.1 - all law - live webinar3.00View
11/10/2021Practice Management Course - online10.00View
07/10/2021Family law fundamentals - live online workshop6.50View
22/09/2021Drafting wills – online workshop6.00View
21/09/2021Mandatory Rule 6.1 - all law - live webinar3.00View
13/09/2021Practice Management Course - online10.00View
12/08/2021Sexual Harassment - Changing workplace culture - online 1.50View
10/08/2021Family Court Merger - live webinar0.75View
07/07/2021Blended Mental Health First Aid for Legal Professionals5.00View
22/06/2021Family law fundamentals for mediators - live online4.00View
21/06/2021Blended Mental Health First Aid for Legal Professionals (50374)5.00View
07/05/2021SOLD OUT Practice Management Course10.00View
15/03/2021SOLD OUT Blended Online Mental Health First Aid for the Australian Legal Profession (50369)5.00View
25/02/2020Important recent authorities for civil litigators2.00View
25/02/2020Mandatory rule 6.1 - criminal lawyers 4.00View
09/12/2019Videocast - Contract for Sale & Purchase of Land 20191.50View
20/03/2018Case Law update: Succession Law1.00View
14/03/2018Criminal law changes: Indictable procedures1.00View
15/02/2018Pitching my practice1.00View
15/02/2018Ethics for small practice1.00View
15/02/2018An introduction to cyber security for small practice1.00View
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